Monday, March 7, 2011

Um... Hi?!

What I've discovered is that I crack under the pressure... of writing a regular blog that is! So now, I'm going to write when I feel like it and hopefully that'll be at least once a week?!

So, now I'm working at the VolksWagen dealership as a file girl. Mostly it's putting the records away in their rather large storage room. Occasionally I cashier, which terrifies me... anything dealing with money terrifies me. But this is my life and it's not too bad. It's full time, so hopefully by the time I go to grad school I'll have some back up cash in my account. Which brings me to important news #2, Darren and I are heading to VA Tech (with assistantships)!

We are all very excited, as in my family who thought I'd end up at Temple, and myself. Strangely, we just never heard back from either Penn State or Michigan State, but we couldn't pass on such a good deal!

I'll check back in when I'm feeling... less pressure! until then.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Back... for real this time!

That headline is valid no longer, sure I'm clean, buffed and raring to go... but I'm no intern! Which you would've known if only I wrote to you. So now I will, at least once a week write to my adoring fans (ya, I'm talking to you mom)! They've taken me on as a fully-fledge staffer, with a pay check and everything!

So, now the real problem is what will I write about? My trail life may be interesting (at least to an extent), but being true to myself I'd accidentally give away our super secret handshake and that'd be the end of the race and my career in politics. I'd rather not go down in history as that girl. The rest of my life is Monk-esq, same thing day in and day out (which I love). Most of it spent watching USA and eating whatever Darren will provide. A bonus of dating a farmer, at least come 2012 I'll be set. The third, and most likely, is a commentary on current events, or not so current as my persuasion my dictate.

'Why would anyone read that,' you may ask! I have no Idea?! I am most assuredly not David Brooks or Thomas Friedman, but who knows this may be my quirky and informal training... you think DaVinci started with the Sistine Chapel? He did not, so please give me some slack. That being said, lets hit the ground running.

This Saturday Mr. Glenn Beck, along with the wonderfully entertaining Sarah Palin, are having a rally at the Lincoln Monument. To counter the craziness the NAACP and other lefties are hosting their own rally just across the mall! Seriously, how fabulous does this sound?! Glenn is announcing his big plan from God, Sarah's wearing her hair and the NAACP is still severely ticked at Dr. Laura (as, might I add, they should be)! Mark my words, this is history in the making. Unfortunately, I'll be in PA canvassing the neighborhood for DFA's big 'hands across America event'. They're trying to knock on 400,000 doors across the state and/or country. I can't really remember. In fact that number seems small, so please don't quote me. Either-way, it's a big initiative to get our name out in the public and that is history-in-the-making in itself!

That's all the panditing I can do for now. Catch me next time and I'll promise not to just steal from Brooks. xo

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oy the Petitions

As the title may revealed... Oy the Petitions! For those who don't know, and up until two weeks ago that included me, any political candidate (from city council to state senator) needs to have a certain number of signatures per district. A hopeful city councilman only needs 10 signatures, we need 1,000 and any state-wide office needs 2,000. The number seems minuscule, especially compared to the number of registered voters in the district, but the State only allows a three week window and for the past two weeks the North East has been inundated with freezing winds and massive snow fall, it makes things a little difficult! Not a particularly volunteer friendly weather...

But that brings me to the real point of this 'article'. This IS the Democratic Process, a process all Americans are dutifully bound to participate in; preferably without a snarky attitude. This week dad and I went to canvass the neighborhood, only going to houses with known registered democrats. And the reaction was startling. I CAN NOT believe how rude people can be to a stranger, let alone someone who lives down the street! At points I wanted to cry. Some people would shoo me away through their windows, others pretending I wasn't even standing there. It took longer for some of them to yell at me and explain the annoyance of my existence than to sign the petition. We are a representative democracy, meaning we should have the most interaction with our local representatives and yet who can name their state senators (Mike Gerber)... or heck even their congressman. We all know who Barack Obama is or even Hugo Chavez...

I'm not trying to frustrate people, but why must everyone be so rude?! Why put that kind of energy into the world? If you don't have time just that moment, calmly say so and close your door, no need for an attitude!